Container Trading

Bundesverband der Container- Service Betriebe e.V.



Containers provide ideal storage

Among their other activities, the members of the Association sell and hire out new and used containers.

Storage containers have a very robust all-steel construction and a lockable double door at the front end. The containers are stackable and available in 3 m, 6 m and 12 m lengths. Special conversions and fitments can also be installed in our workshops. Storage containers have a wide range of uses: to store tyres, spare parts or difficult materials. Containers can also be used for private purposes: as garden tool sheds or as garages for motor cycles and cars. They are good value and can be installed almost anywhere, providing quick and neat storage solutions.

One-way containers are checked and repaired in our approved workshops for one-way shipment, and CSC plates are renewed. 20’ or 40’ boxes, open tops and specials are the most common types. Manufacturers, traders and carriers ship by one-way container if the container is to be used as temporary storage at the destination or when goods are to be shipped to an area where there is no container transfer, or where this would be a costly option.

Living/crew and sanitation containers. These containers are either 3 m or 6 m long, have two windows and an entrance door, and are equipped with strip lights, electric sockets and heating. This type of container is generally used for public events or concerts. Living containers are also used on building sites as offices or crew accommodation. Living containers can be joined together as desired into larger units and are therefore the ideal solution for expanding office or sales space.